Mob Shit - Gucci Mane

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
All my listeners need to listen up
Because I'm rich as f_ck
No petitioner my peninsula
Imma finish her perpendicular
Whats a pencil for?
What the pistol for
Get the rental car
I'm not into her
Talking sh_t to her
Strapped with a suit like a minister
I'm sinister, grab your sister dismember her
Dropping damage on screamin f_ck the law
Smoking out the jar
Hating on me ain't gone get you very far
And my doors ajar, f_cked your mom
Woke up in a jar
If I f_cked her raw, coulda been ya pa'
Shining like a star
You a fraud
Made the crowd applaud
Gotta thank the lord
For my boy, brick squad
Money over broads

Mob sh_t mob sh_t
Get a n_gga wild quick
All my n_ggas hittin licks
All my b_tches sell bricks
Mob sh_t Mob sh_t
Get a n_gga robbed quick
All my n_ggas hittin licks
All my b_tches sell bricks

You n_gga leaving with the ones
I can't indulge in that
The b_tch try to hug me I won't hug her back
I can walk through this b_tch for like 35 racks
Promoter say he never seen a club so packed
I got racks on racks I got tatts on tatts
Think I took steroids when you check my stats
A 20million dollar b_tch when I met my match
Rolling stone where my homies lay I laid my hat
F_ck a home got a ??? with 15 straps
15 people dealing gotta sell this crack
Cold hard as the ??? that is on my lap
A weak link in the chain holding too much slack


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