My Lil Gee - Gucci Mane

Seem like girl got more heart than a n_gga do

My lil' b_tch a G
My lil' b_tch a G
My lil' b_tch a G
My lil' b_tch a G
My lil' b_tch a G
So I f_ck her like we beefin'
And if she ain't with me
She feel like she creepin'
My lil' b_tch a freak
I f_ck her each and every weekend
And when she not with me
I look for her like we beefin'
[Verse 1]
Dope game hectic
N_gga don't get a pension
Oh, I forgot to mention
Chances of prison
Your b_tch ain't missing
N_gga, you got me twisted
I'm Gucci, super friendly
Baby just couldn't resist me
Pillow-talkin', kissin'
Man, these n_ggas trippin'
If I'm just reminiscin'
Why you gettin' so defensive
Wait one minute
Ballin' like we the Pistons
Ferarri boy business
Baby, check out my engine
Switchin' gears quickly
Life is pole position
Your homeboy's a trick
He came home with a hickey
Since I'm in a 'enzo
Might as well roll a ickey
This b_tch just text me
Baby, baby, ya miss me


I'm talkin' loud, smokin' loud
Roll a half-a-mile joints
Stuffin' 'em like they Black & Mild's
I just rolled me five blunts
I'ma put you n_ggas on somethin'
I'm [?]
She want some, she worth some
I murk somethin', I'm worth somethin'
She's a monster, porn star, avatar, Amazon
I'm paid in full like Cam'ron
And healthy and handsome
Baby, you the one
You the bomb, Boston Marathon
I rap, act, and still trap too
That's triathalon
I got a magic one
I have you sprung
Bishop Don Juan
I got monkey nuts on all my guns
King Kong, son
Think I'm Cheech 'n' Chong
F_ckin' up my lungs
Smokin' with your mom
Addicted to me
Nicotine gum
Need to listen to me


Guwop, Guwop, Guwop
Guwop, Guwop

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