Nasty - Gucci Mane

[Verse 1:]
I got your b_tch doin' lines that's geometry
Yeah I'm trickin' off I call it trickenometry
Got on versace yeah you know that giovanni sh_t
I don't bring all my money out I just bring some of it
I got my top cut off on that summer sh_t
I'm sittin' courtside this is where big money sit
Married a skinny b_tch but trickin' with a thick b_tch
She got some big hips I call that boy a hypocrite
She got some big lips well good I got a big d_ck
Drink a pint like vitamin water but b_tch this is not 50 cent
I got a million dollar call I call that politics
Got no debriefin' my name ranked through all the colleges
Two shows one day LA Seattle were Geography
She s_ckin' d_ck on my iphone 6 that's pornography
I'm antisocial made an F in sociology
Excuse my modesty but girl s_ck my biology
('s GUCCI!)

Damn I like that tattoo on your ass girl you nasty
Need to smash I can't bring you 'round my friends you too nasty
A flirt, she'll spit, she can squirt, cause she nasty
She dat action she keep you comin' back cause she nasty
F_ck her p_ssy f_ck her mouth f_ck her ass cause she nasty
Whatchu want you don't even have to ask cause she nasty
Smash smash smash smash smash she [?]
She nasty, she nasty, she nasty, she nasty

[Verse 2:]
And my bad cause I'm physically attracted to nasty
She a nat, not a natural she nasty but trashy
Her ass is impossible
Head is unstoppable
Four b_tches it's an orgy I done turned to a photographer
Videographer, choreographer
The only problem is that it's only five of us
If you bring 8 bad b_tches back like you was me that's 9 of us
Yo baby moms a freak she s_ck the squad yeah it's a lot of us
So much molly she can geek up like she want, she get nasty
It's funny how the money make her s_ck it with a passion
If I tell you lick your bestfriend ass is it nasty?
I'm just sayin' I'm just askin' she laughin' that's nasty


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