Night Rider - Gucci Mane

Turn up (repeat)
Break the law

[Verse 1:]
Sold so much drugs today
I think i need to be a pharmacist (What) Pharmacist
Sold so many pints in the house today
I need a doctor license (what) a doctor license
All these swishers I'm rolling up
I can't get no higher
Can't get no higher
Ballin so hard
I done blazed two times
A n_gga stole my lighter
A n_gga stole my lighter
I'm a lover and a fighter
Gucci Mane I got a pitcher
Running with a lot of n_ggas
Pull up in a Spyder n_gga
My n_gga shoot fire n_gga
Strapped up like Al qaeda n_gga
Pushed more weight than bodybuilders
We done murked a lot of n_ggas
Maybe it's the way I walk
Or the way I talk
Or the way I move
That makes them young girls choose
It's the do's and dont's
For the can's and can't's
Gotta get that bank
Rain sleet or ?
Gotta get that bank
Gotta get that bank
Rain sleet or ?
I gotta get that bank
Gotta get that bank
Gotta get that bank
I'm gone off that drink
I sold my last pint

[Verse 2:]
I don't need no n_gga on the stage when I rap
Who are these dudes
Half a million dollars on my collar
Gucci real cool
Like Creflo Dollar photo found on
In Lennox mall I pop two
My car so wet
My b_tch so wet
That when I drive I call [?]
Be quiet hoe I got the scrap on me
Yeah I got these tats on me
B_tch you know I got the sack on me
Chill cause you know I got the check on me
Police pull up right side of me
And the b_tch still keep tryna kiss on me
Presidential golden rollie
Got President Obama on me
Got a firearm on my other firehorn
Get your ass in lane when drive lil' homie
Drive by, better not look up in the sky lil' homie
No strap then ? you're gonna die lil' homie
Mob boss Gucci n_gga call me Tony
P_ssy ass n_ggas better bring my money
Gucci eat dudes like pepperoni
Have your homeboy saying I miss my homie


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