Nwa - Gucci Mane feat Migos, Wicced, Peewee Longway & MPA Duke

[Gucci Mane:]
Baby keep me on my P's, let's break down 100 P's
Gucci gas go 33 but gotta get 30 P
I don't even need a reason to hit you with the heat
These shoes don't come out this season, but still they on my feet

[PeeWee Longway:]
Old folk keep calling us heathens, too many drugs on the street
I'm servin' right down by 4 Seasons, n_ggas from the pen won't weep

PeeWee got the bricks and the bales, listen up to the story I tell
The bricks, they came from the mail, my plug his name is Miguel

I'm in the kitchen, counting up benji's
Yo b_tch washing dishes and wrapping up fishes
Used to run from the cops on the block, hit four hot bar
Took it to the chop shop
If I f_ck with ya, I'm making you straight drop
If I don't know ya, I'mma get ya rerock
Got a bando in Boston
The way I pitch them 8-balls, shoulda played for the Red Sox

[MPA Wicced:]
Just took a loss, 'bout to take something off
Put it to the head, make her open up the vault
Say you got bird, head all in a loss
Soon as you turn the key boy you bout to get off

Bought a brand new A-P, but I'm always late
Everyday my birthday, now watch me bake cake

[MPA Duke:]
I finesse the plug for the drugs
Even though a n_gga always show love
If he ain't Migos, he ain't MPA
Brick Squad, n_gga you ain't my blood
Tryna hit my blunt, tryna sip my drank
What the f_ck you think?
Ain't sh_t soft around my way
Unless you talkin' 'bout c_caine

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