Oddfather Intro - Gucci Mane

[Intro: Gucci Mane]
Aye man it's the oddfather
Not the godfather
A.k.a the trap father
Trap God 3 on the way
Guwop vs. Gucci on the way
I'm the only n_gga can make 5 mill sitting down
20 mill on the first month I get back
100 mill 'for I get out this sh_t
It's guwop 1017 Bricksquad the Oddfather enjoy

[Gucci Mane:]
Father status, La Cosa Nostra mentality
Last night I plead insanity in court screaming profanity
Free my n_gga Choppo Guzman
RIP to grieselda
Feel like we the Felix brothers Mexican Mafia records
I might buy a laundry mat just to clean the Monifa
I done let Keyshia see too much now it's cheaper to keep her
Got so many enemies can fill the field of Serena
And I hunt like an hyena play with racks like Serena
I was born broke in alabama man my family poor
A young snotty nose sleeping on my granddaddy floor
Is this a crack house cause junkies keep walking through the door
Plus my stomach having [?] for going to steal out the store
And if my school lunch wasn't free I wouldn't have nothing to eat
So many cousins at my house I didn't have nowhere to sleep
Didn't notice I was poor till I walked down the street
Rather have holes in my shoes than have no shoes on my feet
My family tree filled of alcoholics, n_gga, gangstas and theives
Had to learn how to fight before you learn how to read
Wish my grandma was still living, miss my sister charlese
Cause she the only one I know kept it realer than me

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