Okay with Me - Gucci Mane feat 2 Chainz

Holiday Season, b_tch!

Don't play with me, bad b_tches they stay with me
Wanna pop bottles all night with me, all day with me
Okay with me!
That's okay with me, yeah that's okay with me..
Bring that sh_t back!


[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
White boys, dope boys, ballplayers, peons
Pull up in Europeans, back-to-back like it's a re-run
My pull up game is disgusting
You p_ssy n_ggas disgust me
Smoking on loud and it's musty
Like Hammer: can't touch me
Like desert loud got bricks in Memphis
They think I'm BMF cause I designed myself
Like a n_gga in a casket I'm fresh to death
Intercept a whole shipment
Man Tity Boi on that pimp sh_t!
Like fast food, I eat quick
I told y'all, I got sweet bricks
I'm ready, like master disaster
Eenie Minie Moe, which car could go faster
My trap house I'm king of this castle
Yellow b_tch fine and her ass a little fatter
Gucci Mane ain't nothing changed, champagne in my campaign
We flyer than two private planes
It's 2 Chainz and Gucci Mane


[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
Okay with me, yeah that's okay with me
Shawty got them crab legs I got that Old Bay with me
And I got that K with me, I wish they would try b_tch!
Some n_ggas selling wolf tickets and I won't even buy them sh_ts!
I go hard competing, my bankroll conceited
Take you home complete her
Then I skeet her and delete her
Do it with no compassion
Do it without her asking
Yeah I'm from Atlanta
But my jewelry from Alaska!
I was born to be what I was gonna be
Forgiato's up under me
Concrete up on the deck
Gave the rear-view mirror a heart attack - BOOM!
Bottom. Name a n_gga out here hotter
Playing basketball in my Pradas
Living like it's no tomorrow

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