Ondalay - Gucci Mane feat Migos & Peewee Longway

[Gucci Mane:]
Juggin f_ck NASA,
Call up the plug I might God Bless him,
Hit his ass up

[Hook - Gucci Mane:]
Bad b_tch she don't speak no English,
I cant understand a word she speakin,
Gotta know she foreign yea she Puerto Rican,
Six cell phones and they ringin,
Suge Knight diamonds on hat leanin,
Racks racks racks Serena Venus,
Migo game juggin' finessin' remixin' the chickens [x2]

6 cell phones and they ringin,
I'm fend to get a check my fingers is tinglin,
Whippin' them babies they can't stop screamin',
Falcons and chickens fly down every season,
I feel like lil' buddy[?] the birds in my Rari,
Finessin' the plug no need to say sorry,
En route to the paper my shoes alligator,
I'm stashin' the bricks on the top of sky scrapers,
My b_tch is a Asian the dope is Caucasion,
I smoke like Jamaicans yo b_tch is enslavin',
Trappin' Seattle the work supersonic,
I'm up on the block with that good Gary Payton,
Dikembe Mutumbo my pack is so jumbo,
My mama keep tellin' me baby stay humble,
You eat at McDonald's I eat fish and gumbo,
The streets is a jungle I keep the hot llama


[Peewee Longway:]
My diamonds are VV's they got your attention,
Mention my name you ain't talkin' bout Minchi,
Gas in my Swisher sippin' Miss Piggy,
I saw you finess you got cut in my britches,
Longway don't smoke puff a blunt with four b_tches,
I'm high as a f_ck with yo' Migo I'm switchin,


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