Outro (Trap House 4) - Gucci Mane

Mama work for Quaker Oaks, get ya out of 'em [?] folks
I told my mama "go n' retire" cuz her son worth a lotta dough
My brother went onto the service, what the f_ck you do it for?
We tote AKs like they was legal, n_gga we from [?]
Cross the street from Randy Logan, now we call him Joe Blow
I count 50 up every ounce, now I count 50 every show
50 thou to show you how every chain I bling it out
It get real hot around six o'clock, so you better not get caught in the stove
When the red dogs and the black cats, pull up its a crack back
I got album action and I'm more like Carl Luis, cuz I can't eat gold through it
I had an 84 Buick, I was 17
I bought my first car, cash at 15
I'm lyin' right now, god strike me, for a n_gga ever hit made 9Gs
Can't reminisce, I got enemies [?] feelin' I got your memories
Can't press me, can't pimp me, I send a f_ck n_gga to emery
Nine-four degree emergency room where you gon' be full with IVs
I got a red Bens, got a red Charger, got a red Rover, and got a red Jeep

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