Really Ready - Gucci Mane feat Young Dolph & Rulet 1017

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
I'm a real n_gga, talking 'bout what I really have
Cause I f_cked a n_gga b_tch, that's why he really mad
Hit a n_gga in his head, I be really glad
Since the day I lost Dunk, I been really sad
A n_gga make a hit and dip, will he really last?
A n_gga say he hold you down but will he really blast?
They say I'm worth fifteen M's but that ain't really sh_t
And I ain't content with what I got, got to be really rich
Sold dope on the really, was broke on the really
If you really wanna get it then you know I'm with it
Really wanna go to war with me, not really
You wanna get it then you gonna get it
You worth a mill', not really really
I ain't all in your business
If it's not your girl not really really, then why is it hurting your feelings?

[Hook x2: Gucci Mane]
My young n_ggas, they really ready
Straps cocked, are ready
These rap n_ggas are really scary, talk loud but ain't really
We tote choppers like military, n_ggas gotta get passed us
Your girl with me, you really married, damn I'm f_cking your marriage

[Verse 2: Young Dolph]
On the real these rappers p_ssy, nah really, straight up
But meanwhile I'm in my traphouse, with 'bout six different flavors
But f_ck that, let's get to it
Took out my scale, broke down the bale, and my clientele ran straight through it
Drinking mud, riding through the city, yup
Selling pea's out the coupe really, yup
Paid fifteen K for my S.S. and invested another fifty, yup
These rap n_ggas they don't wanna see me, nah
Guess a b_tch with me taking off her draws'
Smoking weed and laughing, burning rubber while I'm running from the law
Really, f_ck you n_gga come get me
I'm a Cashtank n_gga and all we do is get money, you feel me?
Know there's two Glock's with me, yup
Got that boy Guwop with me, yup
Downtown rooftop chilling, yup
Quarter mill' on the floor, really


[Verse 3: Rulet 1017]
N_gga I'm bickin' back and I'm boolin'
Drop the top, and then foolish
Finessing game with your main b_tch, now my pockets is stupid
F_ck with Gucci, get you an issue
You p_ssy soft, like tissue
Hundred K'll get you knocked out
Put me in the ring, get boxed out
So I jump on the stage, get the team real hype
Gucci throw a cup and the whole squad fight
Bottles on me, so we pouring all night
N_gga get a trippy [?] night
I'm jumping out that coupe, I lost my damn roof
Thank God that boy so fly, we don't need no parachute
So I'm chasing after fix, squeezing on these triggers
Bank account six figures, kick my feet up, Louie slippers
Vacation in the Hampton's, rockstar Marilyn Manson
All for that check, I hold a n_gga ransom


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