Regular - Gucci Mane

I smoke kush I dont f_ck with regular
Versace shop they know me im a regular
I order 50 bottles on the regular
All my b_tches bad let em f_ck a regular
I walk in Magic City on the regular
I f_ck with king of diamonds on the regular
All my cousins [?]I dont want them regulars
Zone six im in the hood on the regular

Gucci mane you know I gotta et cetera
I smoke purp I dont f_ck with regular
All my b_tches bad none of my hoes are regular
Big rims yeah my rims irregular
Diarrhea flow im sh_tting on my competetors
I got a car yeah bluer than an avatar
Smoking kush and they brought it in a glass jaw
My car so fresh it should be put in nascar
Im a gangsta and I get that from my grandpa
Im darkskin so what the f_ck I need a tam for
She high as hell man I think she on a zambar
I like to bal lout why I bought them pants for


Bad b_tches yeah I fit them in my schedule
Yeah them b_tches bad none of them girls regular
Im in the club 100 bottles in my section [?]
You just a regular im just being technical
Call me regular all my chains regular
Diamonds so bright you would think im a movie star
She love to handle buisness while she a professional
The way she s_ck me up I swear shes a perfectionist
I got a hundred bricks they coming up from Mexico
I made a hundred thousand dollar at the texas[?]
She said she want to be a singer I said shes the next to blow
I dug her out but you pulled her on a pedal stool


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