Replay - (Skit) - Gucci Mane feat Young Dolp

[Intro: Young Dolph]
Yeah, ahaaaaa, heyyyy

[Verse: Young Dolph]
Designer, yeah
Diamonds in my watch, diamonds in my ear
You know what I whip me, n_gga, this for real
This sh_t here ain't no secret, you know what the deal
My n_gga you know the deal
I beat your b_tch over there while you mad
These n_ggas broke, that's why I laugh
All this money on me, that's why I sag
Throw 'em in the garbage, these n_ggas trash
News flash, I get quick cash
Just know I ain't doin' no excercise
When you see me out with these gym bags
Hold up, wait, now get your sh_t straight
I had your b_tch over in my spot last night
Took her out, then skeeted all over her face
She going, she going, she gone
I dropped baby momma until she couldn't stand up
Then I lit my weed up, now it's time to roll
I f_cked the sh_t out of your b_tch yesterday
'till she couldn't stand straight
She call me earlier, ask me can she call me, get a replay
Walk up in the club, DJ got my sh_t on replay
I told my plug n_gga keep this sh_t call me, put on replay
Replay, replay, everything on replay
Y'all know how we play, everything on replay
Replay, replay, my whole life on replay
Replay, replay, my n_gga it's still replay

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