Scarface - Gucci Mane feat Scarface

[Hook: Gucci Mane]
Tell the D.A., give a f_ck bout what the judge say
I never liked that p_ssy n_gga in the first place
I spent 500 K a week just for the court case
And put a tattoo on my face, so now I'm Scarface
I put a hundred on your head if you cross me
I want him dead, I don't care what it cost me

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
The Black Cats, Red Dogs, jumping out on me
Unmarked cars keep on riding up and down the street
Plus the stupid-ass junkie, he want something for free
Know damn well, without no money he get nothing from me
I be that ass, baby momma call the folks on me
I got these crab-ass n_ggas trying to smoke for free
Lil G just told me that he's short this week
But how the f_ck he gonna be short when I sell work so cheap?
Old p_ssy-ass n_gga used to work for me
Then told these motherf_cking folks he bought some work for me
I know some cold-blooded killers who got love for me
I keep them real-deal goons in the club with me

[Verse 2: Scarface]
N_ggas waiting on me like the mailman coming
First, third, and fifteenth, everybody running
Old heads tripping cause they asking me to front on them
Come short on my one time, and I f_ck with them young'uns
All balls, no brains; n_ggas know I'm ignorant
Understand and get zeroed when put in that predicament
The cars ride up and down the avenue in daytime
Nighttime the same thing -- n_ggas finna pay mine
Duck off with my motherf_cking dope, you got some long nuts
I burn n_ggas' hoods down, I shoot up they dope cuts
N_ggas call me Scarface cause I gave them a reason to
All you get is one chance and then I come get even, fool


[Verse 3: Gucci Mane]
Moving them grams, and I ain't thinking bout Grammys
Got so hot in Atlanta, I had to move to Miami
Going honey baked H.A.M., got my trap house whamming
Just ran up on the plug, I brought the food to the family
We say hello to drugs, we don't say no to drugs
Like No Limit C-Murder, making moves with the dubs
Like I'm moving them birds, I got em for sale
Just like Revenge of the Nerds, I got a roomful of squares
The Feds looking at me -- get some glasses, my n_gga
They say I make it hot -- I make it happen, my n_gga
So what's cracking, what's popping?
Got the same gun that killed Bin Laden
I like my boxer briefs soft cotton
I'm used to being spoiled rotten
It's Gucci


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