She Loves Money - Gucci Mane

She don't really

[Hook 2x]
She loves me, she loves me not
No, she don't really love me, she love my watch
She loves me, she loves me not
No, she don't really love me, she love my knot
[Verse 1]
I met a girl name Tasha, she said her man is a doctor
Care less about her man though, her mouth wet as a washer
She caught me up like everyday
I beat that p_ssy like every way
What goes up must come down
I dog around like a dog pound
Great head I don't need it though
Good p_ssy but I don't eat it though
She wanna keep it on the down low
But Imma let all my people know
It's Brick Squad and I'm the CEO
Four bad hoes in the GE 4
Get a monster head like a creep show
On the beat with me but I don't think so
It's Gucci Mane my hay day
I got mo bad b_tches than Ray J
Flavor Flave Real and Chance don't bring her round on my payday
I'm on point, I'm accurate
You done bought that b_tch an acura
She s_ck me up like dracula
It's Gucci Mane and I'm a movie star

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 2]
I'm in Las with a scripper
I'm a big tipper
Club close, she leave with me, she pulling on my zipper (Damn)
She not mine, any baller can get her
Got money can hit her
I know you wanna twist her (Damn)
Magic city, it's my night, this my city, this my life
This my world, this my life
And they trynna make her my wife
She's a fine girl, She's a party girl
Got good brain, but a dumb girl
No diamonds and no pearls
I f_ck her you stalk her
She break you like I taught her
That pimp book I'm the author
I'm a baller, not a blogger
I'm a mogul not a jogger
You been looked for it, you can search for it
Can't find no girl ass softer
She can hate me or she can love me
Don't call, I don't wanna be bothered

[Hook 2x]

She loves me (2x)

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