Sleep with My Pistol - Gucci Mane

[Verse 1]
I'm smokin' gas in my Mulsanne, I got a B on the ashtray
Gucci Mane La Flare and I get money the fast way
I used to have a plug but I robbed him
If he a country boy, you know I overcharge them
I'm on my 6th cup of lean, ain't even 12 o'clock
Katrina water diamonds, I flooded my Rollie watch
Your [?], yeah she seen me and said, "Oh my God"
They know my house, it look like Heaven with the trap god
I'm so ambitious, had a vision at Econo Lodge
Your diamonds [?] chain never robbed
I think I'm Pablo playin' [?]
I'm in the Bay like 2 Chainz, play me, I'ma off the Glock

I sleep with my pistol, eat with my pistol
Wake up in the morning, brush my teeth with my pistol
I know you're jealous cause I f_cked your freak with my pistol
Got [?] all the time, n_gga don't reach for that pistol
[Verse 2]
Keep a pistol on person, call up Brick Squad when you meet me
And when you leave me, stop reachin' cause if you reach then I'm teachin'
I'm tryna hit you everywhere, b_tch, but under your sneakers
It's 20K for a feature, pull up your spot with street sweepers
Give me a reason to kill you, I'll kill you, all of your people
They think I'm Steven Seagal cause I come back with the sequel
Man this two nights in a row I got a [?]
I tote this strap like illegal, make you strip like [?]


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