Socialite - Gucci Mane

I'm a socialite, yeah I'm a socialite
Poppin' bottles, rockin ice
Burr! It's goin' down tonight
I'm a socialite, Black socialite
Night life, cocktail party, getcha swag right
All eyes on me, all eyes on me
Paparazzi, TMZ, all eyes on me
All eyes on me, all eyes on me
Paparazzi, TMZ, all eyes on me

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
I'm popping bottles in a party with Rihanna and Madonna
Head to toe in Dolce & Gabbana smokin' blunts of marijuana
Kimi, Khloe, Kourtney ballin' with me, I keep models near me
Listening to me crystal clearly, like the clarity of earrings
I'm the Don Dada, ain't none better, at the trendsetter who here trendsetter
All suede, soft leather, you point her out I go get her
Ain't no n_gga, gold digger, goldfish, or gorilla
Got more swag or more pizzazz than that young n_gga on that 4-wheeler
No shirt, tatted out, buddy looks, layin' him out
Purple Label, Bally, Louis, Fendi, Prada, Gucci down
Anywhere that I touch down, that night, it's my town
Best dressed, dead fresh, you n_ggas better go and ask around
Wipe me down

[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
Black Ferrari, yellow feet, red carpet here I f_ckin' come
White stones, bright white diamonds on my f_cking thumb
Porsche cost a couple 'them, see me in the other one
So it's only right that I came back with another one
458, red on red, make a girl so scared that she pee in the bed
Hearing voices in my head, screaming 'Gucci Mane ball out'
So I got 'em restocking the shelf cause I just bought the whole mall out
Michael Jackson in the hood, I hit the stage the hoes fall out
Like what the f_ck is up, it's Gucci Mane the G
Yeah the G-U-double C-I-M-A-N-E in this b_tch
Take a picture with me baby and it just might change your life
Smoking Swisher after Swisher, bar tab fifty K a night (Gucci!)


[Verse 3: Gucci Mane]

Catch me in Las Vegas poppin' bottles next to Baby'n'them
Red diamond rings so bright jewelers be askin' 'what ya paid for them?'
Catch me in Miami on a yacht with my label'n'them
Waka Flocka, Brick Squad, Gucci, b_tches cray for them
Courtside at the Hawks game, you would think I'm coaching them
Sit so f_cking close to them but nah your boy ain't coaching them
Clubbin' at a fashion show, think I'm f_ckin' both of them
The way lil' mama catwaking, got me think I'm skrokin [stroking] them
You gone see me hopefully, cross your fingers make a wish
Truly ain't no hope for me, I can't stop thinkin' I'm the sh_t
I'm the sh_t, I'm the sh_t, if I want I'll buy that b_tch
If she don't wanna f_ck with me then it's her loss I'm f_cking rich!


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