Squad Car - Gucci Mane feat Big Bank Black & OG Boo Dirty

[Hook x2: Gucci Mane]
Woop woop
Goddamn, that's a squad car
Woop woop
Goddamn, that's a squad car
Woop woop
Goddamn, that's a squad car
Woop woop
But all my n_ggas, we got Bonfill

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
Bail money, bail money
Yea b_tch, I got bail money
Smellin' like the jail and I know I look Hell, honey
You say that that's your friend
It's just another n_gga that gon' tell on you
I'm a street n_gga, and my girl ain't street
But I talk so slick she fell for me
Locked up since last Sunday,
Someone please got the bail bondsman
Strapped up like Charles Branson
These four n_ggas ain't gon' do nothing
Lock, Pope, Game, they be bluffin'
Softer than a blueberry muffin
Shoot first but I ain't askin questions
Selling drugs is my profession
Selling dope by the Best Western
Strapped up with my Smith & Wesson
To the bridge, it's Cameron, Texas
Drive it in or UPS it
T bricks and I'm driving reckless
All the dope that I get, I stretch it
Going overboard, I met my match
Severing hands to send a message

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Big Bank Black]
Just got jammed up on some bullsh_t
Court day, it ain't til the 26th
On the phone right now with the b_tton car
Got my old lady stressed 'cause I pitch a fix
Ready go ready go ready go right now
Got a check on me b_tch come get me now
Got a warrant on my ass, come get me Feds
If I'm full flyin off they gon hide my ass
Can't sit down now, I got too much goin'
I got three trap houses, I got five hoes hoeing
Plus n_gga walked and he wrecked the game
Came for the cash, he can f_ck the fame
Sit back just chillin sippin dirty sh_t
Tryna keep OG from murkin sh_t
Tryna keep Electrode from takin sh_t
Young Scooter gotta rush that rapist sh_t

Woop woop
Turn off, it's a road
Woop woop
Hit the gas n_gga, don't stop
Woop woop
If they get close n_gga you better pop
You can't go to jail, we got 20 blocks

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: OG Boo Dirty]
I get lots of dope, I f_ck lots of hoes
Ten thousand a show, is spend no get we on the go
My son just afloat, I just pull the 4
Louie to the floor, start sittin on 24's
Young mob in my city, brig squad cause I'm chip
If we beat them then I leave the house, well that's advance
All my n_ggas trained to kill like Steven Seagal
Grab n_ggas like Duvall, my n_ggas will shoot ya'll
40k off in this levi's
Money standing knee high
Been trappin since I was nee, I poured my drink and I...
1.5 in my stairs, f_ck five-o but I'm trappin out
A young n_gga said don't go
And that key over my logo

[Hook x2]

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