Tell Em' That - Gucci Mane

[Verse 1 : Gucci Mane]

I did a show in Macon, said that I couldn't go in there
Pulled up with ten Memphis killas with pistols everywhere
Probation violation sh_t, must had to stay in there
But if they knew about my life Id get electric chair
A Gucci party 10,000 for our section in there
(Shhh) Watcha call them for they just might run in there
You know Im running dope dont (?) money squares
You know I f_ck with real n_ggas, dont f_ck with (?) or squares
I can buy and pay, I got pale guaps
And I buy the drop, and coming out hip hop
Im a trap-rapper and Im bringing it back
Gucci Mane, I kidnap rappers
Trap God, Trap Lord, Trap Boy, I trap hard
20 chains they all rock, a thousand pounds my old watch
[Hook : Gucci Mane]

They say Guwop back, he snatched a pack and he finna get his money back
Dont tell em that, dont tell em that
They say my trap house roll so hard I might not even need my door attached
Dont tell em that, dont tell em that
Dont bring your b_tch, she double bag, she seen me when I served a pack
Dont tell em that, dont tell em that
Remember way back in the trap when I would buy like every strap
Dont tell em that, dont tell em that

[Verse 2 : Pewee Longway]

(I can't understand sh_t, will try, though)

[Hook : Gucci Mane]

[Verse 3: Shawty Lo]

Yaaay, big shooter out to do the club
Im in this b_tch shooting and (?) the money
I love to see em way they pick it up
She say Im sick the way I throw it up
Dirty birds, show them how they fly
No brown, only rollie white
And he say Im f_cking with Shawty Lo
You know Im probably just gon f_ck this hoe
Short hoe I call it Mighty Mouse
I get what she she getting me mighty mouth
Pay money tell them show back
(Pay a key runner?) tell em that

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