Top in The Trash - Gucci Mane feat Chief Keef

Ha, it's Gucci, burr, go in, Mike WiLL Made It

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
Well, I'm blowin' kush, endorsin' it
For those that ain't as fortunate
I work my fork, I work my wrist
Got babies like the orphanage
Got cabbage like a cabbage patch
Got collard greens and turnips, b_tch
I turn 'em in the turnin' lane
I'm always in a foreign whip
My trap boomin' like Bloomingdale's
A long line like you at the Ritz
Got bank like Lloyd, Yayo like Tony
But won't give you 50 cent
Red rubies on my Rolex bezel
It look like I slit my wrist
White diamonds like I'm Liberace
B_tch, come here and kiss my fist
I use Cristal for Listerine
I brush my teeth with purp codeine
I wash my face with bottled water
Drink champagne straight out the bottle
All my whips got superchargers
All my hoes are supermodels
He go hard but I go harder
He faker than Harry Potter

[Chrous: Gucci Mane]
He try to turn up with two hundred ones
He's makin' me laugh
I drink my champagne out the bottle, n_gga
I don't f_ck with no glass

So many gualas in my pants, n_gga
It's makin' me sag
And when I leave up out the lot, n_gga
Top in the trash

[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
So much money in my safe
I don't think that I can close it
So much money in my jeans
I don't think that I can tote it
Had a good day
And then I went and bought a Rollie
Shorty brain me so crazy
Had to tell the girl to hold it
Got a college girl, just spoken words
She think that she a poet
When I smash the girl, just spoken words
I have to keep her focused
'Bout to put me out the buildin'
Cause I got some nosy neighbors
Say I'm smokin' loud and they complainin'
'Bout the noise and fragrance
Think I'm going through a phase
Cause my verses are amazing
Think I'm walking through a maze
When I'm walking through the station
Drawing pictures with my words
While these other n_ggas tracin'
Walking back and forth pacing
Like my girl gon' have a baby

[Chrous: Gucci Mane]

[Verse 3: Chief Keef]
When I pull up to the lot, aye
All the hoes gon' drop, aye
Like look at his watch, aye
Like look at his car
Look at his earrings
Look at his his bling bling, aye
That n_gga stuntin', just damn near killed the scene
Make b_tches scream and faint, aye
I just poured me up a pint of that purple
I don't like red
You want to fight b_tch, you might be dead, aye
Red white chalk, some n_ggas in the rear with black hawks
Counting so much damn green, hurt my damn thumb
I was trying to f_cking eat, bit my damn tongue

[Chrous: Gucci Mane]

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