Trap House - Gucci Mane

In the Trap house, In The Trap House, In The Trap House
Gucci Mane Check It

Choppa on the floor pistol on the coach
Hood rich so I never had a bank account
Junkies going in junkies going out
Made a hundred tho (usand) In My Trap House
Money kinda short but we can work it out
Made a hundred tho (usand) In My Trap House
Bricks going in, Bricks going out
Made a hundred tho (usand) In My Trap House

I'm tired of selling bricks I wanna go legit
I wonder can I sell 11 mill like 50 Cent
Cause platinum ain't enough I got too many vices
I love to smoke weed love to shoot dices
Say my life style extravagant I talk cash sh_t
B_tches say I'm arrogant well god damn Gucci cockie then
But at the same time young hoes be jocking slim
Gucci ain't sh_t, B_tch I beg your pardon
I'm independent but I'm balling like a major artist
I stay high like giraffe p_ssy In My Trap House
Smokin' rubber cushie


Jumped out the whip everybody looking
Big clouds of smoke but ain't nobody cooking
(females) (Girl their go Gucci Mane
I want his autograph 'cause I'm his biggest fan)
Yellow hummvie with the yellow feet
Yellow diamonds the same color as chedda cheese
And I'm smoking on that purple sh_t
They call me temp service 'cause I'll work a b_tch
Money long like Shaq feet
Running dough like a sprinter at a track meet
I heard he got that soft white
Extended clips make them busters get they mind right


In my trap house watchin Sports Center
In the kitchen cooking but I ain't cooking dinner
Splash it with the water whip it make it harder
17 for 'em the same number as Qunice Carter
Say I'm working with wit a mill or better
Married to the game me and ?? live together
Street smart n_ggah never listen to the teacher
You can catch me in the bathroom smoking reefer
Prices low like Wal-Mart
Bricks on I-9 get ya shopping cart
Knee deep in the dope game
I'm not a farmer but I'm known to push them collard greens


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