Trappin out The Mansion - Gucci Mane

We trappin' out a mansion with marble floors
Rifles in the pantry, where that extendo go
And I know how to handle it need a taco a ho
And I just might extend it got a choppa

[Verse 1:]
All gold dishes Gucci Mane trippin'
Million dollar kitchen grandma ain't livin'
Trap mansion duplex make a brick suflex
Gucci Mane glue bricks make one brick two bricks
Gucci got a Rulex oops I mean a Rolex
Flexin' hard at Rolex damn that was my old chick
10 chains on they yellow that was my old neck
15 watches all at one time I got that old check
Dang she can't dance for Guwap cus she a car wreck
He can't even go back too the club he left a bar debt
Baby said she ain't 'en hit the blunt and caught a contact
She took a shot then took off her shirt got in the contest
Guwop the new Big Cat who want a contest
Rude girls I call her Chiquita now its a bomb threat
This Charger here it cost $100,000 cus its a concept
You n_ggas left ya'll scraps in the car I got mine on deck
Gucci Mane you bird brain b_tch you can't get one pic
Gave Peewee Longway a mil said f_ck a contract
We sip mud straight out the seal don't need no soft drank
Broke trick trynna drink with Guwop get your own pint!


[Verse 2:]
Trappin' out a mansion Fresh Prince Bel-Air
And I'm sending n_ggas boxes like its Next Day Air
Guwop in this b_tch yeah Gucci La Flare
They call me Ralph cus all the sheets are polo here
Your girl friend squeeze me like the Polo bear
You hit first floor n_gga ya see a whole bunch of bottles
Hit floor two see a whole bunch of models
Floor three ya baby momma got a c_caine problem
Like Bruh man from 5th floor we breaking in we robbers
East Atlanta Zone 6 and I ain't nun like Georgia
My older cousin still think drugs gone solve her problems
I'm gettin' head from this freak tryna touch her tonsels
Like MJ in Thriller n_gga Gucci contract monsters
Call us country but these bricks still fly down yonder
How I grew up if he take you better take back from 'em
Trap house mansion naked girls dancin'
Nothing but dope it ain't nothing romantic
Lights went out cook dope with a candle
I'm watchin' the money keep watchin' the camera


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