Vampire (Mr. Clean, The Middle Man) - Gucci Mane feat Trina

Baby girl I think that you a vampire
I can't even look you in the eye
You rarely see miss lady in the day time
Baby she's a creature of the night
I met my girlfriend in the graveyard
She could never work a 9 to 5
She closed the curtains and she turned the blinds down
Cause baby girl a creature of the night

[Verse 1:]
Zone 6 stoner, long dope runner
Big Guwop, Brick Squad, stand tall
My diamonds got insomnia, my b_tch is nocturnal
She a sophomore, just start s_cking d_ck, but she's a fast learner
Candy paint on all my jewelry, you can call me Willy Wonka
MAC 11 in my MCM bag, clipper anaconda
Got the twenty two like [?] so n_gga know you gonna fumble
4 cars, red million dollars, Gucci Mane summer


[Verse 2:]
Gucci got straps like Any-Kinda
Got a vampire b_tch, she a rider
Black nails, black lips, black eyeliner
Black hair to her b_tt, Elvira
Bling man, white teeth, white powder
Black car, gold teeth, switched style up
White Rock bands, brick squad Wilder
Get [?] these high, Eddy King Junior

[Hook x2]

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