Walking Lick - Gucci Mane feat Waka Flocka Flame

[Intro: DJ Holiday]
Quiet? No I can't be quiet
Sh_t, every time I talk that's Brick Fam. Holiday!
That's 185 right there
Yo Gucc! I know you got like 10 birds when we walk in the club n_gga
You know what it is - Trap Back baby! The streets is hungry

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
80 grand in my Robin jeans
It's hot outside, but I'm coolin it
Top on down but I'm losing it
Mind gone with a foreign chick
With a Tech-9 with a cooling kit
Got the black jeans with the wings on 'em
Gucci shoes, no shoe-strings
Sh_t, every word means two things
So the white girl is my boo thang
And I'll come in due time, in the drop head at the blue flame
And I don't like to see no new faces
Cause I don't like to learn no new names
I go to sleep in foreign places
Wake up, count big faces
Stuff cash in suitcases, pillowcases.. I'm two faced!
[Hook] x8
I'm a walking lick, I'm a talking brick, I'm talking sh_t

[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
Millionaire with Trues on in a stash house with shoes on
Put a million dollars in my new home
And a quarter million in my trap house
Put a half a mil in your bank account
N_gga, serve dope in my zone
Cooking the work with no gloves on
So the junkies can get they grub on
I'm a OG with capital letters
On Capital Ave. with white leathers
In a 68 Camero, no top on, I'm put together
I got salt and pepper, no Spindarella
Stupid cheese, that's Mozerella
Bust em open, put em back together
Then sell them to you, ahead of schedule

[Hook] x8

[Verse 3: Waka Flocka Flame]
I heard a price tag on my head! (Flocka!)
I'm a walking lick!
N_gga, come and try, you gon end up dead b_tch
I'm out here roadkill, my n_ggas they so for real
20 minutes from my hood, I don't need no house on the hill!
Reachin for my tech, your mama better write your will
Sh_t gon' get ugly, my young'ns pop about two pills
Where them n_ggas before and with this record deal
Me and Gucci Mane, b_tch, we hard to kill..

[Hook] x8

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