Wednesday - Gucci Mane

What's happening?
You know I got a car for every day of the week, don't you
Yeah, time out

I want to f_ck you every Wednesday
I'm getting like 50 every Wednesday
I make a Friday out of Wednesday
I drive my Benz when it be Wednesday
I want to f_ck you every Wednesday
I'm really in town on a Wednesday
100 bands, I made it Wednesday baby
Who give a f_ck about what your friend say baby
[Verse 1]
I'm a middle of the week freak
I cannot f_ck her on a weekend
We chillin', listening to The Weekend
That's when that freaky sh_t gone begin
I swear to God I f_ck like two twins
A little boy, I wasn't a grown man
I got them bands baby I'm grown now
Millionaire, I'm on my own now
My watch so big it make my momma proud
My diamonds dancing, man they dancing now
I got this zipper up in my bag
I'm worth one hundred million in my time


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