Weekend Boyfriend - Gucci Mane feat Waka Flocka Flame

I can be your weekend boyfriend your boyfriend for the weekend
We can get together on monday then break up on sunday
I can't lie i'm curious but I ain't tryna get that serious
So if you see me with another girl ain't no need to be furious

[Verse 1:]
Damn lil mama so cute, da damn lil mama so right
Can I be your man,, your boyfriend for the night
We can take a flight to cancun, jump the broom have a honeymoon
Get married on the first a june, get divorce on the third a june
Have a wedding in a private room, get high off that
Then I air balloon
Why y'all break up so soon guess cause i'm a tycoon
My patience short and my money long my k is growing
And I'm smoking strong
Tell the truth we don't get along but in the bedroom we get it on
She feelin me she digging me my game weak is you kidding me
Paula chic like a kennedy swag sick and no remedy
I'm yo boyfriend for the short term for the long term it's a penalty
No sympathy, honestly I don't need no woman tryna live with me

[Verse 2:]
Met her on new years say she 21
Go to georgia state you want what girl i'm on my way
They be moving fast this is yesterday
P_ssy so good I wanna f_ck all day
Flexing in the club sh_t I threw 20 k
Met her on a monday f_ck her by monday night
That's the squad way. Little ghetto east side girl
Say she from the 5 way [east side]
I'm from the south side that's just how we do it babe
Cold dj ay bay-bay gucci wacka flocka turn your main into
A run away. Kiss her goodbye these girls just dumb crazy
Throwing money got em screaming wacka flocka pay me
Flow they want ma baby she be ma old lady
No you cannot play me like no f_cking soccerloco


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