Whole Lot of It - Gucci Mane feat Young Fresh

Yeah Yeah
Whole lot whole lot whole lot
Whole lot whole lot whole lot
Whole lot of it Whole lot of it [x6]
N_gga Whole lot of it Whole lot of it

[Verse 1:]
Need a whole lot a money whole lot a whip
Whole lot of chips whole lot of chips
A lot of my motor you can hear when it shift
Rev it out rev it out like a birthday gift
That sh_t you talking ain't true that's a myth
Neeb my money rightnow right on the [?]
Spend forty five hundred ten minutes and fifth
Gotta call her outside see her low on her lips
[?] work it out work it out
These n_ggas talking I don't know who they heard about
Got twenty thousand in the Louis V pouch
Louis V loafer, Louis V holster
You don't know how to cook dope n_gga had to show you
You don't know how to chop [?] n_gga had to coach you
Just a little car got a whole lot a motor
Can't hold out can't hold out
I kill my n_gga [?] for some drugs
Playing hard i'll hit you in your mouth
F_ck your girlfriend and I put the b_tch out
Old b_tch one thing I don't even care about
Way we smoking bank roll n_gga this loud
Man I gotta piss right now it's on five
Me I got scrubs right now it's on five
Got a young n_gga with me and them n_ggas on call

[Verse 2:]
Can I have that [?] in a whole lot, lot
Man I spent a whole lot whole lot cash
Call the club up n_gga bring a whole lot
Boy they wanna know if i'm working a whole lot
And you know i'm working whole packs
And you know i'm rolling out working that stove out
Bring that bowl out bring them hoes out
Bossy to a split with you with you rich
Killing it [?] you know who counterfeit
Ten seventeen come by you ten sixteen
Charging I25 street money enterprise
Man I charge em extra if I ever have to drive
Man that n_gga said 1-5 but that n_gga was lying
Whole bunch a pounds, whole bunch a rounds
What's up in my trunk n_gga I got a whole lot a sounds
Pull up to the club every time it going down
Whole lotta them things you know i'm passing them bills around


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