Young Ho - Gucci Mane

That my young ho
I don't want nothin' old but a bank roll, man
I like 'em like, 21, 22

[Hook: Gucci Mane]
She don't think
That she she sh_t
Lil' Momma know
So fine
She super think
And she a young ho
She young, she super fun
And that my young ho
She young, her sex da bomb
And that's my young ho
Tote a bank roll
Stupid bank roll
Quadruple your bank roll
OG, old face hundreds
With a young ho
Baby just turn 21
Yeah, she's a youngster
She s_ck d_ck like a pornstar
She's a monster
[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
My necklace very dumb
And I know Baby just 21
Got her panties drippin' wet
VVS my wrist and neck
My car, my house, might feel the check
White baguettes I'm drippin' wet
21 at Georgia Tech
In Miami gettin' Florida neck
You n_ggas say y'all f_ckin'
But y'all hardly, hardly havin' sex
It's Gucci, blessed
I'm super fresh
Finesse the cheque out the connect
If that's your chick, I'm not impressed
Twentytwo with perfect breasts
She love to pop, don't window shop
Can't flex on her, got stupid guap
You can tell she doin' well
She fresh as hell, her nails Chanel
Super player, might as well
Come here & meet East Atlanta's mayor
Yellow Rollie, black Gazelles
Crackin' jokes like Dave Chappel
Bricksquad cartel don't drink Martel
V12 pull to 5-star hotel


[Verse 2]
When they say Guwop is charming
Please, don't be alarmed
Cause your girl seen me perform
I snatch your girlfriend off your arm
You actin' dumb, she drunk my cum
It's dynamite, her head's the bomb
And I'm attract that she's no nasty
Spittin', chewin', smackin', actin'
Like a fire-breathin' dragon
Gucci mackin', draggin' b_tches
Like a titty-saggin, n_gga-naggin'
Addicted to d_ck, she's an addict
She's a nympho, it's a habit
It's your d_ck, b_tch, you can have it
Klepto see d_ck, got to grab it
Smokin' cannabis, drag it from Custer to Canada
And you an amatuer, Baby
You in need of a manager
Put you in calendars
But first, let me check out your stamina
A straight cannibal
She ate my d_ck, man
She's an animal


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