Over The Stairs - Guillemots

December swallows September snowman
Somebody told me there's another time
But together
You go somewhere
Somewhere over the stairs

They don't have seasons
They don't live for a reason
And everything is painted in the brightest tones
Where they came from I don't know
But they're telling me to go with them over the stairs

I had the clearest picture
Running down the streets in time
Although these foreign creatures
Fighting for me

See it in the sunrise
See it in the sunset
Oh there's something more here
There's got to be, but we hide it
And deny it
Fighting over money and crime
So bring me monsters and I will slay them
God I used to feel like I could fly over time
Where it's all gone I don't know
You need to lift before you throw
And anyway you're throwing sand

I had the clearest picture
Running down the street all the time
And angels and their teacher
Fighting for me

There's cameras in the bible
And I don't need a rival
Everywhere the sound
I never touched the ground
And everywhere I'm found
It's all useless now

I've got the brightest pictures
Running down the streets in time
These iridescent creatures
Fighting for me

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