The Rising Tide - Guillemots

Stormy walk on the window
Tired, I left myself at home
And brought it back
And brought it back alone

Carpet under my feet so soft
It feels like a home
But it's not a home
It's not home when you're alone

And on the rising tide
Oh, I will climb
Back to life
Back to where I finish

On the rising tide
I'll find myself a life
And put it back together
Like a piece of my own heart

I've forgotten my name again
It keeps on happening my friend
I don't even know where I am today

Some say to me, some say to me, some say that I'll be alright
But I don't even
Have a clue, have a clue, have a clue

And all I wants' the rising tide
On which I fight
Climb the stairs
Where no one cares at all

On the rising tide
I'll find myself a home
And then I'll show my face to you again

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