Medicine - Guster

Into the maze
Enter the medicine handed down
Within these veins
Bleeding with apathy till it drowns
No more to gain
Needing the ugliness that surrounds
Return again
Caught in the medicine handed down
Am I your charity?
For you to look so kind?
But your aim is not quite clear
It's better if you leave in quiet
Is this mood frightening?
And who are you sometimes?
Don't try and rescue me
Go save someone else
I'm far past done
Gasping, calling
I saw I'm all alone
Grasping, crawling
Is this not what you had planned?
Oh I'm all alone
Go on hero
You're faking no one, not today
Stop this you're scaring me
Don't even know you now
Trying to rescue me
Go save someone else
I'm way past gone
Into the maze

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