Never Ever Said Goodbye - Guy Sebastian

You told me im not worth your time
You Needed a man with lots of paper
Only a fly right could take ya

He left you for his ex-girlfriend
Left you alone in just a minute
A Louis Vutton with nothing in it

Does it make you cry
To think of you and i
Do you wonder why
Do you ever wish
You never ever said goodye?
Does it hurt to see
Somebody else with me
Livin' happily
Do you ever wish
You never ever said goodye?

It took me a while but now im fine
I found a love that lasts forever
Your no longer part of my endevour

I was gonna give you my whole life
I even thought of making you my wife
Now you want me back but its too late
Cos loves gone, way gone

(Does it make you cry)
(To think of you and I)
Do you wonder why

do you feel like crying?
(Does it hurt to see)
do you feel like cryin'
(Somebody else with me)
almost feels as if, you're dying
(Livin happily)
You regret it, and forget it too

You wish, you never ever said goodbye

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