Cool Place to Park - Gwar

[Sang by Beefcake, Only on CD version]
Frozen it time.
We watched as you grew.
Now the ice is gone.
And now, we travel on -
Seems like forever.
Y'know we're look for...
We can't find cool cool cool place to park
Old Medusa with her gorgon braids
She invites us to her promenade
Driving in our death-machines
A thousand years or more
Around and around and around and around the block
Y'know we're looking for
A cool place to park
Satan's sow is honking
Hera's slowly creeping nymphs in my back seat
all dripping on my naugahyde please let me find a COOL PLACE TO PARK!
humanity is in my way your golden arches and your shopping malls
remind us you must fall down down fall down fall down cool park cool park
[repeated alot]

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