Deep River Poem - Hikaru Utada

Two mirrors faced each other, and reflected each other making noises.
When I meet someone who is very picture of me, I shall make such a noise

Both of child and adult like to look themselves reflected in a mirror.
If they forget themselves so far as to be reflected in it and forget that they are also the mirrors, humans do not know what to do with silent space and have a sense of futility

I am a mirror.
I don?t stretch out my hands to he who can?t move in the place where no light can reach, but instead I put myself as near him as possible. And I view the same scenery. If pain can be shared with anyone, the pain can become comfortable thing, I know it. Although it doesn?t mean that sadness gets smaller and the world changes ,the world which was reversed inside me looked surely to be a new scenery. Everybody is searching the one who is similar to himself. No matter how much he dislikes himself, he can love the one who resembles him. In the feeling such as reverence or adoration is there no love. However the one whom a human loves best in his life is the one who resembles him most closely in the world--- his child.

I am a child
Because I believe I am going on the right way, I never ever think that what I abandoned and I gave up halfway are the sacrifices.

The sky closes its eyes.

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