Eternally - Hikaru Utada

Before my eyes, you give off a little shine
I can't see anything else around me
Where are we?

Please, don't disappear yet into the background
that's started to bustle with noise
I can't hear anything anymore
But I can feel you breathe

It's not like me, but just a little,
I'm hoping for a suprisingly whimsical development

I wanna be here eternally
I want to stay like this, gazing at each other
I can feel you close to me
I can't stay by your side forever
This moment alone will forever be, eternally

This little break before I leave for battle...
I want to spend it with you
Our promise was for the next time we'd see each other
Can you hear me breathe?

Everyone has times when they're moved
by developments which aren't suprising

I wanna be here eternally
Somewhere where no one can find us
I can see you're all I need
I don't need rescuing until tomorrow
Even this moment is surely just a fantasy

I can feel you close to me
Even if we can't go back to that place again
These feelings I have now; they alone will forever be eternal

I wanna be here eternally
I can see you are all I need
This moment alone will be, eternally

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