Unaffected - Hoobastank

There never seems to be, because what I believe, a moment I'm not trying
To show them who I am. why can't they understand the things that they're denying?
They're denying.......

So what should I do, just lay next to you as though I'm unaffected?
And who should I be when they're judging me as though I'm unaffected?

A chance they'd never give to ever want to live the life that I am made of
There's nothing left to prove, my heart's forever true.
What is it they're afraid of?
Afraid of.......

Before they even saw my face, they knew that I was not the same
And decided I was not the one for you, for you...

So what should I do? I'm not unaffected
And who should I be? I'm not unaffected

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