Answer Man - Hootie & the Blowfish

You must retreat now
I just can?t talk anymore
Your words make me empty inside
There?s nothing left of you

Time seems to change
Thoughts I have for you
Now I?m so alive
But you seem to be
Drowning every minute

I say that?s life
You say it?s alright

I can?t be your answer and
I don?t want to follow you
Into your cloud

I am tired of being the one
To live and learn from your mistakes
I?m just so sick of my mind

It sees us like a light
Shining bright
In the middle
Don?t you see us smiling now

You say that?s life
I say it?s alright


Please open your eyes
See where you sleep tonight
I hope you never call it home
But your bound to live bound to die in it
You say that?s life
I say I?ll still be here


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