Hillbillies (Love It in The Hay) - Hot Apple Pie

Tractors parked out in the yard
I say you and me take it down to the barn
Pull it inside and climb to the top
Spread a blanket in a favorite spot
Pitch the pitchfork out of the way
Hillbillies love it in the hay

Grab a bottle of the strawberry wine
Plate full of chicken and some of that pie
We could be there all night long
You know how we get when we get it on
Up in the loft down yonder way (whadda say)
Hillbillies love it in the hay

CHORUS: Lay me down on a bed of gold
Roll me round till the cows come home
Drive me wild in the soft sweet grass
Hillbillies like it like that

Sun's coming up and the rooster crows
Hound dog chewing on a chicken bone
You and me just having a ball
It's a good thing ole' mule can't talk
Ain't no telling what he might say
Hillbillies love it in the (mule grunt)



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