Three Summers Strong - Hot Water Music

I will forgive but I won't forget
I will not confirm living stains

We were locked
We had a lot
At times I'd say we had it all
Three summers strong
Three summers gone
Love/hate on rooftops and everywhere down below
But I still care
But I'm more aware-
Trusting gut before your word
That was of worth
Sorry you hurt
But you've brought it all upon yourself

What's there to say when it's all been said out loud
Why do you break yourself down and stay close to the ground
Stand yourself up now
I'm stepping out and catching
A foothold that's stronger than ever

So who's to blame
Shouldn't be a care
What's done is done - go from there
And recuperate
From past mistakes
We have a choice from rise or fall

Strong ties are made by communication and gravity
The memories of you and I are full of pain that can't be erased
The struggle that we couldn't hide that burned us up that turned us inside out
(?) the pain has been closed out but not thrown away

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