Still - Hunter Hayes

Soul, be still
You love to worry; it's okay, you always will
Stay where you are
And take the time to take a break and count the stars

There's glory in the mountains that we climb
But stillness brings a peace no search can find

Heart, find rest
Don't feel the need to beat yourself to death
Know love with every breath
Don't let the pain paint over all the good that's left

The breaking only shapes, the lessons learned
Oh, and the fire you hide inside was born to burn

Oh, fear, my old friend
You scream so loud, the sound of your voice is wearing thin
You started fights and I've let you win
But it's only weakness if I let you win again

Afraid to say you're scared of giving up
Oh, but don't you think we've wrestled long enough?

Father, I know Your truth
Through all the madness, know I still believe in You
And with all that we've been through
It's only mercy You believe in me too
With every breath I breathe, You prove to me you do

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