Bend A Corner Wit Me - Ice Cube

[Chorus 1 2x: Ice Cube]
I see you, Over there, Lookin like somethin wrong
Cause I'm over here, Sittin on some chrome
Shotgun to the dome
Bend a corner wit me

Incredible, N_gga who you rap like?
Come out the movie, Who you act like?
It's the don, Still rappin 2000 and beyond
Tryin to come up on another million

Chorus 2

Chorus 1
[Verse 3: Mr. Short Khop]
From the gate, Khop want the whole plate
Want my drink and eat the whole cake
And won't wait until another n_gga say go
I lay low wit the tweed and the yayo
And play po, And stop n_ggaz knackin
Still keep the set crackin
All about the cheese and how it's stackin
And plus, It's mo cheddar down the line
Ain't no better time for me and a gang of n_ggaz on the grind
Tryin to get the income, And then some
Stash a little bit and spin some
Keep it poppin till the end come
Can't stop it, Then shawties wanna grip
24/7, Money got a n_gga whipped
Chip after chip, But if I slip
Have the homie send me o.t. and work the flip
Cause the world is payola
Silk the spot and left connect on ya wall in a black crayola

Chorus 2

[Mr. Short Khop]
Cmon baby and jump up on it

[Ice Cube]
Cmon baby and jump up on it

[Mr. Short Khop]
Cmon b_tch and jump up on it

[Ice Cube]
Cmon b_tch and jump up on it

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