Chrome & Paint - Ice Cube feat WC

[Ice Cube]
Yay-YAY! Cali-forn-yi-aye
Sunday afternoon baby, pull it out
Whip it out, pull it out, drive it out, drop it out
You know! Let 'em know

[Chorus: Ice Cube]
I got chrome and paint
N_gga what you thank, I got chrome and paint
B_tch what you drank, I got chrome and paint
Smokin that dank in my chrome and paint
Street lights - dance on paint
Street lights - dance on chrome
Street lights - get a n_gga home
You can die in these streets all alone

[Ice Cube]
I am the wrong n_gga, too f_ckin grown n_gga
To go for that n_gga, I ain't 'cha hoe n_gga
I got, a hair trigger, I am the dome splitter
The deep-sea sniper, you got the wrong n_ggaz
Retire like Jigga, here comes the Attila the Hun
Killin n_ggaz for fun, these rappers is done
The bigger they come, the harder they fall
I burn like the sun, continue to ball
He's got nuts and plus the Don touch
and split the fine dutch, Starsky call Hutch
He's laid, with some sl_ts, up in some guts
Just back, in the cut, he thinks he's King Tut
Cain't f_ck, this n_gga up, cause just, the n_gga luck
That n_ggaz, really love him and tear the city up
Uhh, even though I'm f_ckin with the po'-po'
Them n_gga know how I act in the low-low


I'm ghetto like grits, die befo' I snitch
Off my ass khakis sag like cellulite tits b_tch
Under the suede, headliner and I ain't yo momma
Play with my dollars on yo' ass they'll be layin flowers
I put a hole in your brain with these hollow hot rocks
Hittin the switch, makin the fo' hopscotch
Rollin up imperial in d_ckie material
All in your periphreal, throwin shells at your vehicle
Clipped up, pimped up, big chipped up
Stacy Adams tips spiffed up, golf hat flipped up
I blow yo' ass off the map, f_ck with Dub
I'll have yo' ass rollin home with windshield glass on your lap
F_ck rap, I'm wearin a creased tee, eatin ribs
Laughin at you n_ggaz on MTV Cribs
I got the chrome thang thang to make the dome stank
Hood life forever b_tch, chrome and paint, c'mon


[Ice Cube]
Street lights (woop woop) [2X]
Even though I'm f_ckin with the po'-po'
Them n_gga know how I act in the low-low
Slow mo', n_gga check out my promo
You mo'fo's can't f_ck with my mojo


[Ice Cube]
Street lights [echoes]

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