Don't Make Me Hurt Ya Feelings - Ice Cube

[Ice Cube]
From hood to hood, sea to shinin sea
Let this be the anthem, when you n_ggaz see me
F_ck 'em, uh-huh

When I'm on the block, and you see me chillin
With that drop-top, don't let me hurt ya feelings
When I'm in the club, lookin like a million
With that b_tch you love, don't let me hurt ya feelings

[Ice Cube]
Tick tock, n_ggaz see me on the block
and they stomachs drop, cause I'm so f_ckin hot
Now, you know my M.O. pull up and blow the horn
She runs out at night and comes back in the morn'
Leave these n_ggaz lookin like Children of the Corn
Ain't nuttin in the world like a b_tch n_gga scorned
Forewarned if you thinkin 'bout this porn
It may result in yo' drawers gettin torn n_gga
I'm Jose Jackson last born
I'm a rooster, Foghorn Leghorn
Youse a loser, get your feelings hurt when I seduce her
She turn my d_ck to stone just like Medusa
Mad cause I got my d_ck s_cked, and my balls licked
Faggot n_ggaz come out the closet
You know that b_tch you like that's throwin the P
You know that b_tch you like is goin with me


[Ice Cube]
Let the fo' chrome blow ya dome, n_gga I'm the king of Rome
Jim Jones these hoes into my living room
N_ggaz get jealous, at the Goodfellas
"He's a hot dog~!" N_gga add relish
Papered out, lay you out, f_ckin with my paper route
Take you out so momma cain't make you out
When I creep n_ggaz read 'em and weep
When they peep I'm a f_ckin wolf dressed like a sheep
So fresh, so clean, so nice, so mean
She's a motherf_ckin fiend for this n_ggarole supreme (yeay-yay)
Hoes scream they wanna be on my team, but uhh
It's a dream like Martin the King
Heartbreaker, money taker, n_gga, it's my nature
to shake her, soon as a n_gga break her
And I'm done, you can have her back
S_cker n_ggaz askin where yo' ass was at


[Ice Cube]
My hood, yo' hood, n_ggaz up to no good
Get your shine on, please make it understood
Get your grind on n_gga 'til it's all good
Run up on these 24's - wish you would

I wish y'all b_tch n_ggaz would
Swizz Beatz wanna give you crybaby n_ggaz a pacifier
When you see us comin get to runnin [fades out]

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