Greed - Ice Cube

Now, if the greenbacks don't stack large on my side of the yard
I ain't f_ckin with it
This cake has got to be all icing baby
Now I know I'm taking the biggest piece
but god damn I'm the biggest fish with the biggest mouth b_tch
You wanna be rich right? (Hell yeah)
Well stick with me, do as I does, and be as I be

We be stackin chips, packin clips, mackin chicks
Laugh at tits, slappin d_ck, in yo' b_tch (b_tch!)
Makin hoes, take these clothes, from these sto's
Walkin slow, there go the po', now here we go
Parking lot to the spot, Marriott
Cause what I got to make a knot, is very hot
Who's at the do', go and check, I got the Tec
Tell him that you soakin wet, until he jet
Now lift up your f_ckin dress, where's the rest
B_tch can hide a treasure chest, in her breasts
Uh-huh strip search, whip skirts
Uh-huh sh_t hurts, but it works b_tch
You can jerk n_ggaz but you can't jerk me
Hoe I only tell you once that this d_ck ain't free
I'm talkin greed

Greed, give me everything that I need
How you gon' deal with the n_ggaz that I feed
[repeat 2X]
We smokin weed, you and me
Lookin for that currency
[repeat 2X]

Now b_tch n_ggaz don't mean sh_t, from where I sit
Magnificent blow your back out, if you act out
Eighteen deep when the plane soar
The b_tch threw her tits, asked my click who we play fo'
Penetrate the clouds, loud, and obnoxious
Surround the airport with feds and helicopters
Escorted, detained and deported
Scared of the ly-rics, and when they b_tches hear us
We the clear-est, you can fear us
Smile on the day of your dissapear-ance, smoke in mirr-ors
Break em all, pull over and jump out
Cause I can take em all, all bustas shake em all
I'm at the mall, buyin sh_t, like hot dog on a stick
These b_tches all on the d_ck
Ice Cube ain't a lick (nope) make me bleed
And now you got to deal with the n_ggaz that I feed, greed
Uhh uhh uhh [pigs squeal]
(Give me more, give me more) Greed, Greed

When you get your hands on it, wanna fawn it
Wanna dance on it, everybody want it
[repeat 2X]

You punks is petty, still we steady, countin fetti
I'm the one closin escrow, with the best flow
(Do you wear a vest?) No
N_ggaz hit me I'ma turn into The Crow [caw caw] and take a sh_t
on everything counterfeit, the Don Mega
Blade Runner, in a beige Hummer all summer
It'd take about twelve honkeys, to convict
the n_gga makin you sick, ask the 12 Monkeys
Up in Detroit holdin weed court, all through the South
Picked up a ounce in Shreveport
My lead give head tunnels (boom!)
to any motherf_cker disgruntled exit wound, look like a funnel
Worldwide, international jet set
My n_ggaz love f_ckin b_tches that they just met
Get it wet, and you can do anything
When I'm in Paris n_ggaz french-kiss the pinky ring


Yeah, Ice Cube, trillionaire
I own a mansion and a yacht, haha
We do it like it should be does
Yeah, Westside n_ggaz is very greedy, uhh
Death Row is very greedy
Sic-Wid-It records is very greedy
Dangerous Music greedy greedy greedy
Ruthless Records greedy, Suave House, greedy
So So Def, greedy
Rap-A-Lot greedy as f_ck
No Limit, hah, hella greedy, uhh
Def Jam greedy, we all know Priority greedy as a motherf_cker, hahaha
Hey got twenties on my BM, you still f_ckin with a GM
What can you tell me, n_gga?

[pigs squeal]

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