Growin' up - Ice Cube

[Ice Cube]
Ha ha, that's my sh_t
Turn it up [echoes]
Uhh, yeah

I hear a beat like this, and think about growin up
House parties, with gangbangers showin up
Represent your hood, everybody throw it up
They say Cube get on the mic, n_gga blow it up
I used to lyrical, political
But now you want it sugarcoated like cereal
First I met Dre, then I met Yella (yessir)
Dr. Dre made me rap acapella
Me and Jinx did a show at Dudo's {?}
With K-Dee, I think it was two shows
Then Dre introduced me to E
Cruisin down the street in his red Jeep
He said, yo n_ggaz we should flip it like this
Cause them _Boyz N the Hood_ like the gangsta sh_t
I put the pen to the pad, young n_gga was raw
And told the world how we felt about the law
It was real

[Chorus 2X: samples + (Cube)]
I see the happiness (all day every day)
I see the pain
Where am I (growin up in the hood)
Back down memory lane

[Ice Cube]
Oh sh_t, it's N.W.A.!
Them n_ggaz on tour and they comin our way
Lil' Eminem is still tucked away
In that trailer park, just bumpin our tape
Jerry Heller tried to make his escape
I had to bounce, while other n_ggaz got raped
Same n_ggaz turned around and said f_ck me
No F_CK YOU cause I'm down with Chuck D
And I'm 'bout to do a movie up, a classic
When I hit the screen, n_gga it was magic
Never thought I'd see Eazy in a casket
Thanks for everythang, that's on everythang
I learned a lot of game from you
I like your son, he got his name from you
I tell him everythang that he need to know
If he ask my advice, I won't think twice homey


[Ice Cube]
From _Boyz N the Hood_, to _XXX 2_
Everybody wanna know my next move
Fans all around say "We love you Cube!"
I wanna take time to say I love you too
I love all my fans cause they know I'm a man
And not a little boy or some f_ckin play toy
A lot of n_ggaz say I grew up on you
And let me know if anybody f_ck wit'chu
Cause you talk a lot of sh_t about the red, black & blue
And how they treat a n_gga called Katrina, did you see her
White folks worry 'bout them f_ckin misdemeanor
While black people dyin in that God damn arena
Just because I'm actin n_gga never stop rappin
It's in my blood homey, I'ma keep the party crackin
Money keep stackin 'til they put me in a casket
Who you think you f_ckin wit? Here's another classic


[Ice Cube]
I'm Ruthless, I'm Ruthless..
Street Knowledge..
Lench Mob..

[Chorus - 1/2]

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