Holla @ Cha' Boy - Ice Cube

[Ice Cube]
I knew you n_ggaz would be back
See, see, you need to f_ck with me y'knahmean?
Yeah, you need to holla at your boy man (holla)
Stop f_ckin with them punk n_ggaz man with that sh_t
(That's what you get)
That sh_t stepped on n_gga (that's what you get)
I got that raw, I got that... UNGH!

[Intro: Ice Cube]
Twenty-fo' seven - holla at your boy
What you need baby? C'mon with it - holla at your boy
I got it all day, in the hallway - holla at your boy
Sick of that blow up - holla at your boy

[Ice Cube]
That's what you get for f_ckin with them n_ggaz
Come and see me for that real O.G.
He a O-Z, I'm a whole ki'
Dope as a motherf_cker, son a whole seed
B_tches fiend for it, then they lean for it
It ain't c_caine, but they wanna still blow it
What you need, what you need
Hoes offer me the pink slip and the deed (yes indeed)
Treat it just like weed
Hit the right end then pass it to her friend (uh-huh)
I'm a hustler, you a customer
Them other n_ggaz you like, straight f_ckin ya
Some of 'em lyin (yup) most of 'em trickin
Others are dyin, some of 'em victims
When you come from South Central L.A.
That sh_t is like dirt weed, a n_gga got a headache (holla)

[Chorus: Ice Cube]
If you want it raw now, make the call now
Look me up n_gga - holla at your boy
Fiendin for that good sh_t, take a look b_tch
What you need baby - holla at your boy
I got it all day, in the hallway
On Broadway - holla at your boy
Sick of that blow up, gettin stepped on
N_gga come on home - holla at your boy

[Ice Cube]
"Ice Cube!" Back then they used to f_ck me
Now that I'm hot these b_tches still love me
(Why?) Cause I'm far from ugly
Everywhere I go they wanna kiss and hug me
They say "Dopeman, dopeman!
I got your money don't turn into Konnan"
Don't wanna see the G-hand (b_tch)
I am the man from here to Cleveland
Don't get mad, I get e-van
Try to shake the van, think you're sleep-an
Oh my God this n_gga's leak-in
Somebody best to call the deacon (uh-huh)
Any dose is a overdose
Leave your punk-ass dead or a comatose (yeah)
And if you don't wanna listen
My sh_t'll crack you out like Tyrone Bigguns


[Ice Cube]
Holla, yeah
But don't 2-way a n_gga
B_tch that ain't nothin but a transcript
Dumb b_tch (I'll holla)
Don't 2-way a n_gga man (I'll holla)


[Ice Cube]
20 years
I've been servin you fiends for 20 years
Why would you f_ck with anybody else, ha?
That's why you're f_cked up right now, ain't it?
You need to get at me
You know I got it, and I know you want it
- holla at your boy

[Mike Epps]
C'mon Cube let me rap on here
I'm, I'm just tryin to sack somethin up!

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