I Got My Locs on - Ice Cube

chors x2
i got my locs on
i got my locs on
think u can see my eyes
think u can see my eyes
i got my locs on
i got my locs on
if u cant tell im high
if u cant tell im high

verse 1

i got my locs on welcome to the cherry dome
i got them carrots on givin off a fair amount
women love it when the see me on that motorcycle
n_ggas hate it cuz they know im makin more than michal
been ballin since the word ballin played out
they brought it back to describe me in that made back
me and jeezy jeezy rollin with our locs on
smokin somethin good f**kin up the ozone

back to chorus x 2

(young jeezy) verse 2

women sightin me yea at a buck 50
(that must have set u back) naw baby not really
switchin lanes yes yea the top is jusy silly
when they bustin at your ass we just laughin at ya really
i got my locs on tickets on keep the workin n_ggas on
get the cash and and vegas on yea she keep them lickas on
keep my locs on see u hatin mother f**kers keep my locs on u know they match my bag s_cka

chorus x2

i got my locs on because my eyes are burnin me
and when i get home i dont want the third degree
the bird to be urgently these n_ggas wanna murder me
their scared of the consequenses comen from my defensis
it aint that expensive have ur ass hopin fenses
lucky mutha f**ker missed ur ass by some inches
next time understan what ur f**kin with its legendary stauts
sittin behind these glasses n_gga

chorus x 2

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