If I Was Fucking You - Ice Cube

['Big Worm' talking]
Yeah that's cool
Er, everything closed so we just
We might as well just go straight to the hotel
And just get some rest
Let me slide this d_ck up on in ya

[Verse 1]
[Ice Cube]
If I was f_cking you right about now
You'd have a d_ck stuck in you (yeah)
Have to go brag to your f_cking crew
On how this rap n_gga d_ck you down
Kendo passed them guts and didn't have to kick you down
Who this b_tch n_gga wit' you now?
Do we know about your X-files?
And your sex styles?
And all the n_ggaz that you think about f_cking
And all the sh_t you know you really wanna do when we buzz it (hahaha)
If I was f_cking you, sh_t, it'd be like drama (yeah)
And you might get tripped on by my baby mama (hey mac)
So do what I tell you and everything'll be alright
You're cute as f_ck, plus that ass is tight (hype)
Get the f_ck on 'fore these n_ggaz start to fight
I can see it in your eyes, you wanna f_ck tonight
Give Herden everything, she got a fool in love (fool)
Gave it up to me and gangsta after the club
[Mr Short Khop]
If I was f_cking you, I'd be pakin the piss
The horny weight d_ck gettin' laid is for chips
B_tch I'm tryina' make grits
Him in with the trojan pack 'o six
Hin the gin and juice the mix
No time to pause, gots to drop draws
Prep through a half spankin', breakin' down walls
With tactics, n_gga used two proper lactics (double-up)
Hit the twat chopper style
Bang it up back [echo]

If I was f_cking you [echo]
[overlapping] ooh, oo, yeah, a, ahh, uhh, uh, come on

[Verse 2]
[Ice Cube]
If I was f_cking you, you'd be like f_ck everybody
Kill, this p_ssy yours
Washin' dishes, rubbin' floors
Doin' chores for a n_gga
Open doors for a n_gga
Ridin' shotgun, holdin' forty-fours for a n_gga
At the motelly, got you on your belly
In come morcelli
N_ggaz calling K-Mac, b_tches calling Kelly
Do it like Arthur Fonzarelli, hit the lights
So we can try to reform these potential dites
If I was f_cking you, you'd be spendin' all your dough (yeah)
Buying n_gga sh_t, that you don't even know (mm)
Credit card maxed out
Bank account tapped out
Writin' bad cheques (hahaha)
When I call you break your neck
You do whatever please me, runnin' burs while I take it easy
Will as you do whatever, live your life just to please me
These buster-ass n_ggaz make the sh_t so easy
(He was f_cking me?) for sheazly
[Mr Short Khop]
If I was f_cking you, I'd let the homies f_ck too
Run up in the guts bust nuts and we're through
Hey you feenin'
cooch screamin', heatin' cleanin'
Tag-teamin', s_ckin' semen [echo]
Keep it low, put it in your grill cos you love me
With video footage of you giving n_gga scully (got you)
Hold it till you've chocked off the b_tched and got got
And roll one to smoke, grab my sh_t and shake my spot


['Big Worm' talking]
Nineteen inches of complicated funk. hahahaha
Ango urgin', probably be vomiting d_ck for a week though
S_ckin' on semen, hahahahahahah...

Hmmm... be careful what you wish for, you just might get it

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