Mixtape Shit - Ice Cube

[Ice Cube:]
ice Cube Motherf_cker With My N_gga C. Toones
the C Stand For Crazy, Yeah N_gga We Loons
and We Been Saggin, Before Bin Laden
been Braggin 'bout His First Underground Cabin
and You Been Faggin, Like A Sisqo Dragon
tail Waggin, San Francisco Actin
come Through Lookin 6'8, Makin' B_tches Wait
can't Believe That N_gga Cube Is On A Mixtape
but Only Large N_ggaz Dictate, Where They Rhymes Go
as Time Go Watch Yo' Mind Blow
if Not I'll Let My Nine Go, Like A Rhino
it'll Slump Ya Like Whino
little Homies Call Me El Grando
cube Calico, You Can Go Toss A Salad Hoe
better Yet, You Can Get The D_ck Mayne
the Sh_t Mayne, And Don't You Forget Mayne...

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