Pimp Homeo (Insert) - Ice Cube

{Woman} Pimp Homeo, Pimp Homeo...
{Cube} Hey, Julie-Ho!
{Woman}i Am But $300 Short, Thy Pimp. First Know My Ass Is Tired, Thy
pimp Homeo.
be This Hour, I Have Done Weeping. Thy Have Poppeth My
cootchie 'til I Can't Poppeth
no More!
{Cube} Oh, Tis! Thy Have A Reason To Smack A Cramp In That Ass.
{Woman}have Patience, Pimp Homeo, Have Patience! Homeo, I Have A Very
vuluptuous Vagina,
and Titties Teetering On Timelessness. And A Ass The Size
of Alaska.
{Cube} Well, B_tch, Thy Get My Money.

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