Pushin' Weight (Remix) - Ice Cube

[clark kent]
What if I get that n_gga ice cube to do another joint?
With my n_gga noreaga this time (thugged out)
And my n_gga from philly lil' gil?
N_ggas don't know what the f**k's gon' happen next
Y'all n_ggas might just have problems, these n_ggas bout to sh_t
Tonight, n_gga, we can earn stripes and blast mics
Talk about the steppin off
A motherf**ker ain't never been the underboss
Always I blaze in hallways, all days
You b_tches ain't nothin but frugas'
Yeah-yeah, you better ask about me - poppa doc
And ask every freak you know: who got the cock?
So blaze one for the nation, I take vacation, offa conversation
Give n_ggas irritation, cause I don't rap about the nation
Get the catalogue, I battle dogs, and we'll see, only the strong will
F**k the source and the vibe (f**k em)
We don't ride, we drive-by
We westside, n_gga realize, we alive
So you can get beef, lewinsky
Double-double say cheese, b_tt naked please


[gilly the kid]
Yo, it's a shame though, lil' n_ggas messin up the game, yo
Heard me spit and all a sudden got the same flow (gilly rule!)
I die in the streets thats how the game go
I'ma tell you one more time, now let your chain go
I shoot to kill, you blast but you aim low
A ground shooter, me surrounded by troopers
Pretty women, gorgeous feet, with round hooters
You was born to fail, gonna die around losers
B_tch n_ggas get scared straight
But rich n_ggas cop a ninety-nine benz september of ninety-eight
I ran up on you clowns with a nine on the waist
Run in your face, blot in your space, findin your safe
See you really are the fake we the cats that won't break
You n_ggas start snitchin at your day upstate
So on that note, when you come home, I'm pop you with the eight
At both of your kneecaps, where your weave be at (damn)
You little sissy, on the streets, you was real pretty
Went to jail, got a story to tell, now you biggie?
See I'm the sure shots, you cats is the maybes
I'm the real thing and you n_ggas is frugasis
Crazy fake diamonds, fake shinin
And if you got less than nine and a half, you fake grindin
Name other trio thats f**kin with us rhymin
Gil, cube, and nore
A whole different story


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